The environment is rich in naturalistic trails, where you can observe several local and migratory faunal species.
Walking through the naturally created paths along the river Po, you can enjoy the real atmosphere of the “big river” and admire the rich vegetation and typical animals like the elegant grey and white herons and the rare red one. Typical of the landscape are the farmhouses close to the dams. The stretch from Chiavenna torrent ( San Nazzaro) and the entrance to the basin of the hydroelectric power station is really typical for bird watching. In San Nazzaro the Po park offers extremely different and rare botanical species like Quercus Palustris (oaks). By the Po riversides you can find restaurants, sport facilities, pool halls, mooring posts, and trekking and cycling routes immersed in the nature. Don’t forget about the cities of art, the picturesque villages that you can easily reach from the hotel: Cremona, Piacenza, Mantova, Colorno, Parma.

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